Maguey Bag - Large Green
Maguey Bag - Large Green
Maguey Bag - Large Green
Maguey Bag - Large Green

Maguey Bag - Large Green

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The Maguey bag is handmade using the fibres from the agave plant. They continue to use an ancient technique to make these bags which has been past down for generations and dates back to the mayans.

Once the raw fibre from the agave is extracted it is turned into a string cord using a technique called thigh-spinning. This cord is then woven on a wooden frame into the net-structure of the bag. This is made to allow the bag to expand and contract as it is filled and emptied. An adjustable leather strap is then attached to the loops. The whole process takes an artisan approximately one-two months from harvest to final product. The finished bag will then last a lifetime.

These bags are not only beautiful and 100% natural but also incredibly strong and functional. They are the perfect eco-friendly and sustainable option to be plastic-free. They are also a perfect beach bag!


  • Approximately 48cm x 40cm


  • The strap is hand-cut leather and may have some scratches and variances, this is normal due to the handmade nature of the bag. To help avoid drying and cracking, leather conditioner should be applied to the strap.
  • Due to the handmade process and natural materials used there may be variations in colour and size.