Xaquixe - Glass Innovation Studio

Studio Xaquixe is a glassblowing studio based in Oaxaca, Mexico. It began in 2002 with the idea of generating unique design pieces using recycled glass from the city of Oaxaca and its surroundings.

"The word Xa Quixe comes from Zapotec (indigenous language of the State of Oaxaca) which means "at the base of the mountain" as our workshop is located right at the base of the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental and Sierra Madre Oriental that crosses our state."

In addition to collecting glass from restaurants, hotels, bars and some private homes, they also collect burned cooking oil which they use to power their equipment and furnace. 

A piece from Xaquixe is made of 95% recycled glass and the other 5% is the Xaquixe formula that restores the properties of brightness and transparency that characterize them.

The goal of Xaquixe studio is to be a 100% sustainable company and they are definitely on the right track.


Products made by Xaquixe Studio